Minha Papelaria / Business cards ecommerce
Le Monde / T-shirts for Young People
Will Exercício & Saúde / Personal Trainer and Gym
Paparella / Pizza Delivery
Breeze Brewing / Craft beer and pub
/ Logo for a campaign with local business
Flávia Cáceres / Coach and Psicology
Cave du Du / Wine Store
Mille Baby / Baby Clothes
Almado / Travel Agency
Folk'n'Fire / Old School Barbecue Truck
Frazão / Craft Brewing
Chica Chique / Nails Saloon
Umami / Food and Drinks Boutique
Quattre / Natural Food
Farofa / Food Maganize
Maia Deli & Shop / Market
Café com Flores / Coffee and Buffet Services
Loca Festa / Party Suplies
Minhavófazia / Rotisserie
Apricot / Female Clothing Store
GAAC / Cancer Suport Center
Assed Bulos & Buzato / Law Firm
Kaka Junqueira / Fotografia
Coletivo Mães que Criam / Collective of entrepreneurial mothers
Abtá / Real State
Social Tailors School / School of Social Media
Por Obséquio / Gastronomic Training
Trousses / Bags and all school stuff
Vânia Benvenuto / Personal stylist
Mille Baby / Clothes for Kids
Canaviera / Brazilian Band
Feira Artesanal do Irajá / Craft Local Fair
Kores / Craft Business
Cacto / Online Store
Sortido / Craft Business and Blog
Trelis / Craft Business
Juliana Battaglini / Architect
Cibele Perfumaria / Cosmetics and Beauty Store

Cris Maluf / Architect and Interior Design
Personal Studio Logo / Graphic Design and UI
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